My Services

Real Estate. Buying, selling and investing in residential real estate.

Design. Paint consultations, room layouts, interior design, assistance with new construction and home renovations.

Excellent Service. Expect top-notch education, professionalism and accessibility to whatever questions you may have along the way.

Trusted Adviser. I’ll walk you through the process and be aggressive – but caring – so we buy or sell quickly and in the most efficient manner.

Digitally Enhanced. Your buying and selling experience will be completed real-time as we utilize the latest technology to sign and submit contracts digitally.

Staging Queen. If you want to sell, I know exactly how to most effectively stage your home to provoke buyers’ interest. I’m the right agent for the motivated seller.

Design Eye. During showings, I’ll point out potential investment opportunities so you see the true vision for the home. Plus, as a designer, we can continue working together for a seamless renovation experience.

Market Knowledge. I have my finger on the pulse of all things real estate in the Charleston area. I know the average days on the market and comps for your desired or existing neighborhood.

Investment Expert. I have a keen eye for neighborhoods and homes, which will reap the biggest investments.  As we all know whether you plan to stay for days or years, your home is an investment.

Experienced Renovator. My knowledge of fixer-uppers and knack for knowing a good buy has helped many homeowners select the right investment home to renovate. Plus, my network of professional connections will assist during the walk-through process to help identify costs for negotiations with sellers.